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Project Description

Project Brief

So you’d like a new look for your brand? That might mean one character that acts like a mascot, a series of personalities, or an entire virtual world. We listen to your ideas and thoughts (whether that be a defined brief or general direction), then we present you with a range of loose visuals to get the ball rolling. This is the collaborative phase, where our project evolves into something more tangible than an idea.

The Challenge

We keep the lines of communication open throughout the process of character development. Once you are happy with the look of the project, we proceed to work on it in 3D. This is quite a technical process and time is required to build, texture, rig, light and (depending on your brief) animate.

The Solution

From the initial phases of product development to fulfillment, Character Mill works with you to create stellar visuals that are in alignment with your brand.

The Skills Needed To Produce Brand Excellence


Design may look deceptively simple but it takes many hours of development. It is the silent ambassador of your brand. All businesses recognise the value and power of good design.


When you make any kind of video for your business, planning is really important. A storyboard is a visual ‘comic strip’ that describes how it will look. This usually goes with a script or written notes referring to what happens in each scene.


93% of communication is non verbal. Visuals are a compelling way of telling a story and a powerful tool for persuasion.

If you have an idea, we have the ability to bring that concept to life.

Brand Strategy

How you communicate visually and verbally is an integral part of your brand strategy. The added intrinsic value of strong branding is a business being able to charge higher prices for their product, as well as perceived quality and emotional attachment.

case studies

David Atkins Enterprises is a major events production company. They were commissioned to produce the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Doha Asian Games.

Character Mill was asked to create a mythical sea monster and genie in 3D that would be projected onto a 200m screen in the stadium.

We started with conceptual designs and storyboards, then moved to modeling and animation. It was a spectacular project that we were proud to play a part in.


P’Tooey was created as a mascot for a children’s hospital in the US. We were happy to help them out with the development for this character.
Our only brief was for a ‘Finding Nemo’ personality that would be appealing to children. It was an enormously rewarding experience to create a fun character for hospitalised kids.


Durex is the world’s No 1 condom brand. In order to promote a new range of ‘toys’, Durex asked us to create a character called Mr Purple that was based on the look of a slow loris. This has now been made into a TVC to promote the brand. The Goodman Brothers were the production company on the project.

This was a pitch to the Dalai Lama by a company wanting to promote tourism in Nepal. The idea centred around dominoes falling through a series of spectacular scenes, with a touch of irreverent humour.
We were called in to visualise the concept for the pitch.

Conceptual Design Samples