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Project Description

The World Should Be This Responsive

Even simple apps require beautiful design to stand out. We produce our own apps, as well as providing visual content for our clients, so we are creatively invested in this space. We are able to navigate the sometimes complex waters of app development and enjoy the collaborative process.



People can tell very quickly if your design has integrity even if they have never been trained to know why. For that reason, we work closely with our clients to bring ideas to life and make sure that our imagery is congruent with your brand identity.


People love to tell others about a brand they like. And everyone loves a good story.
Visually striking imagery is an important part of generating referrals and traffic.
How well does your brand stand out from the crowd?


First impressions do count.
Memorable visuals create clarity in a crowded and competitive market.
Do you know if you are connecting emotionally with your ideal prospects?


Character design is a significant investment, and matching it to your branding over the years is vital for the growth and stability of your company. Characters are immortal so we make them fit in early and grow with you.

Here are some Apps we’ve crafted.


drllz is a touchscreen publishing system for Sports Coaches that lets you set up training sessions with full motion 3d animation and lesson notes, and then easily share it with your team. Easy touchscreen interface with drag-and-drop icons.
Timeline and playbar to create full motion drills and training sessions.
100% adjustable play-timing so all your field tactics are timed exactly how you want.
Notes that are linked to the timeline so your players can understand the finer details of each field positioning.
Full 3d interface for viewing drills from any camera angle.
One-click sharing to synchronize your work with the whole team so everyone knows what to do, no excuses!


Gorilla Band I & II

Awarded a QED seal for ‘Quality, Excellence, Design’ in the 2014 Digital Book World Awards.
Delivering an interactive, immersive 3D jungle world with a cast of cute gorillas who learn to play instruments and form a band. Great educational benefits for 2-7 year olds. 2 original sound tracks and a bonus educational studio.

Featured by Apple as a ‘New & Noteworthy’ App and ‘Best New App’ with the launch of iOS7

Gorilla Band 1 : https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/gorilla-band/id662788357?mt=8

Gorilla Band 2 : https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/make-a-song-gorilla-band-2/id847142455?mt=8

Lazy Larry Lizard

Read to me option with text highlighting
Parental controls
Includes bonus game, ‘Leapin’ Larry’ with an original music-score
Aussie bush sound effects
3D animation
Original illustrations by designer Kim Neale
“Even after a year of reading books we could touch, the ‘Larry’ books still really set the standard for truly original and innovative use of the medium” Carisa Kluver, Digital Storytime

“This is easily the highest quality kid’s book and I’ve tried out dozens.” Jack Burton, ME


Look Out Larry

Read to me option with text highlighting
Parental controls
Aussie bush sound effects
3D animation
Original illustrations by designer Kim Neale
Bonus game, Larry’s Memory Match

“Beautifully illustrated…highly recommended.” appcheese.com

“The reaction when you first touch Larry is just that remarkable. I was delighted to find that the same magic is present in this second book.” Carisa Kluver, Digital Storytime.


Lost Larry

Read to me option with text highlighting
Parental controls
Evocative outdoor soundtrack
Surprise interactions on each page
Original illustrations by designer Kim Neale
Recommended by special needs professionals.

“If you are already a Larry Lizard fan then Lost Larry won’t disappoint – it is his most ambitious adventure yet, and allows for a much bigger range of interactions than the first two stories. If you haven’t met Larry yet I would highly recommend this series of apps, my kids give them an enthusiastic thumbs up!”THE IMUMS


Giggly Gorillas

Read to me option with text highlighting (narration by Angela Catterns)
Parental controls
One of just five finalists in the kids app category internationally, Publishing Innovation Awards, 2013
Awarded QED seal of approval for Quality, Excellence, Design
Original illustrations by designer Kim Neale
The Monkey Memory game is a bonus educational inclusion featuring all the characters from the book and specially scored music by Hylton Mowday
Over 100 interactions
Touch-activated dialogue throughout the book


visually dynamic apps

Intuitive User Interface

If the consumer needs an instruction manual, we have failed. Strong visual elements are an integral part of app design. They provide an anchor in a sea of information. A clear design strategy provides clarity for the consumer and enhances brand recognition.

Excellent Results

A memorable experience inspires viral growth in the form of  great raving fan customers. This can only be achieved when your branding is fully aligned with your product. Your growth is a reflection of this and our success as a business relies on our ability to provide outstanding creative results.