AR and VR are truly amazing.
AR puts virtual things into users’ real worlds while VR puts users inside virtual worlds.
AR needs a smart phone or tablet to experience while VR needs a headset for a fully immersive experience.

Billions of dollars have been invested in the development of AR and VR technology in recent years. When large companies such as Google, Facebook and Apple are involved, you know that the technology will be around for some time.

This is an exciting new development in the realm of content creation. We have extensive experience in real time projects and the design background to bring your ideas to life. We have the ability to see past the hype to create user experiences that have practical applications.

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Augmented Reality.

Since the rise of powerful smartphone technology, AR provides a bridge between the digital and physical worlds. This experience can be triggered by an image, a location or a combination of the two.

Rather than replacing other forms of marketing, AR provides another dynamic level of interaction. Projecting an image, video or message to customers allows you to control the conversation. Having a virtual character engaging with your product and the consumer makes the experience truly memorable.

Virtual Reality.

This form of immersive media can simulate physical presence in the real world or an imagined world. It can provide a truly sensory experience that surpasses other forms of communication. Virtual reality is usually displayed on a computer screen, or stereoscopic displays using Google cardboard, or a designated headset.

While many industries will benefit from the virtual reality experience, our focus is characters and the worlds they live in. Our approach to design is the same but the tool set is new (and awesome).